5 Local Activities in St. Augustine

5 Locally Approved Activities for Your St. Augustine Vacation

Some of our best vacations have been ones where we actually lived like a local—staying in a vacation rental home, preparing meals with ingredients we picked up from the local grocery stores, and participating in activities that the local residents do every day. If you’re wanting to experience St. Augustine the “local way,” keep reading for a list of some of the best local approved activities.

Nights of Lights

As difficult as it is to believe, the holidays are just around the corner, and if you’re planning to spend any time in St. Augustine from November 21st through Christmas, your entire family will enjoy the sights of the 2.5 million Christmas lights that transform our tropical vacation spot into a homey and beautiful Christmas town! The lighting ceremony starts at 6 PM on November 21st. Can you guess where we will be that evening?

Art Walks

Enjoy food, wine, and live entertainment as you explore the latest and greatest art pieces on our Art Walks, which take place the first Friday of every month. The beauty of our fair city inspires local artisans to create pieces that will move you in ways you never thought possible.

fishing in st augustine
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We’re surrounded by water, of COURSE we fish! Nothing tastes better than a grouper you caught and prepared yourself—fresh, sweet and oh so delicious! But fishing is more than just a way to catch the night’s dinner; there’s no better way to rediscover your inner peace than by sitting alone with your cooler, your pole, and the majestic waters of the Atlantic spread out before you.

Wine Tastings

Many a date night has been spent at the Cellar Upstairs Wine and Jazz Bar, enjoying smooth music, tasty appetizers, and wonderful wines created right here at the San Sebastian Winery. Romantic and charming, the men in our life enjoy the wide selection of beers that are offered, and the smiles on our faces. Getting away for an evening has never been so fantastic!

Ride an Authentic Carousel

The J&S Carousel, located in Davenport Park, was built in 1927 and still runs today. Your children will love the chance to perch atop the colorful painted ponies under the red and white canopy, as will the adults in your family. Relive your youth on our meticulously restored carousel; it’s our favorite way of spending a fun evening with our families, and we have a hunch it will be yours too!

The Ocean Gallery

Book one of our luxury Ocean Gallery vacation rentals today and discover how the locals live in the oldest city in the nation!