St. Augustine Attractions Near The Ocean Gallery That You Can’t Miss

When it comes to attractions in St. Augustine, the list is endless.

Start with looking for some things near The Ocean Gallery, and you won’t miss they call this area of Florida one of the best-kept, most luxurious places in the entire state! The population around greater St. Augustine is about 15,000 people, so you’ll be among friends but never feel crowded.

The weather is warm and pleasant all year long, perfect for hitting the beach, walking the trails of any state park, climbing and exploring a castle, shopping, or just about anything else. Check out some of the following things if you need ideas for your upcoming trip!

St. Augustine Attractions

St. Augustine Beach

With a 7′ elevation and a 2.17 mi² overall area, St. Augustine Beach is relatively small yet spacious enough to accommodate hundreds of people daily. It’s got a playground on its main beach with its own free kids’ splash zone, where your children, if they are like most, can spend hours at a time. The beach faces the gorgeous Atlantic Ocean and offers views unlike any other. The water is semi-pellucid, crystal clear, and whitish bluish. The seagulls that flock around the shoreline are also quite entertaining to watch! 

If you’re looking for some excitement, you can find it here. St. Augustine Beach is known for its fun events! For instance, there may be a tournament at the beach volleyball court, or perhaps you can experience a fishing tournament down at the pier. You can also easily walk to one of the oceanside restaurants sitting directly on the shoreline. Spending the day at St. Augustine Beach is a great, budget-friendly way to spend time with your loved ones. 

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Anastasia State Park

You’ll find this rich, green-life park in Saint John’s County at 300 Anastasia Park Road, right by the local Ranger Station. Pick a day: It’s open daily, from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. It’s got over 1,600 acres of land from top to bottom and plenty of placards for local city history that you can learn. This park was started in 1949 and is currently updated and managed by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. They make sure to keep it eco-friendly and safe for all to use.  

You will find this park on Anastasia Island’s central peninsula, crossing Matanzas Bay & downtown St. Augustine, right along the significant Atlantic coastal plain. Once you arrive, take advantage of all the great outdoor activities. Rent a bike and hit the trails, keep your eyes peeled for native bird species, cast your line to try to catch a fish, or get a canoe or kayak to paddle out into the water. 

Castillo de San Marcos National Monument

The Castillo de San Marcos National Monument opens daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. It was officially opened in 1695 by Ignacio Daza and Pedro Ruiz de Olano, a pair of architects with vision and skill. The monument now spans 20 acres, just a bit more than the 10+ acres it started as. Visit this Western shores monument and fortress anytime you’re in town. 

You’ll find this monument on 1 S Castillo Drive. You can walk there quickly within the St. Augustine city limits. The terrain is primarily flat, and you will find plenty of pedestrian crossing signs and lights all along the way. It should be an easy, fun walk for the entire family! Thankfully, entrance to this attraction is incredibly affordable, and your admission is valid for seven consecutive days, so you don’t have to try to jam everything into one afternoon.

Fort Matanzas National Monument

A remarkable fact about the Fort Matanzas National Monument is that it’s a complete 228 acres all over, perhaps one of the most prominent attractions in the St. Augustine area. It was built from 1740-1742 and remained, to this day, a pillar of excellence and justice. Currently, the National Park Service manages this monument. Explore the area’s history and keep your eyes peeled for some of the fascinating flora and fauna in the state!

There are two options for parking near the site: the Matanzas Inlet East Parking Lot or the Matanzas Inlet West Parking Lot (both open from 6 a.m. to midnight daily). Come visit from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. any day; the monument is located at 8635 A1A S. Once you arrive, you’ll need free tickets for the passenger ferry to take you to the fort.

Plan Your Visit

Don’t wait another minute to plan your trip to St. Augustine. The Ocean Gallery is here to help!

St. George Street

You’ve got lots of shops and restaurants lining St. George Street, along with plenty of activity during and into the evening. Whether you want to find a souvenir or enjoy a great meal, St. George Street is the place to be. But that’s not all there is here! If you enjoy learning local history, you can’t miss the Old City Gate, which you’ll find on St. George Street’s north end. It was officially founded in 1808 by its residents alone. They initially designed it with a defense wall and some sturdy coquina pillars. It has acted as a terrific shelter and harbor of safety for dozens of folks throughout the years, serving today as a remembered historical site. 

In addition, you should stop by the Pena Peck House (featuring history from 3+ Peck generations), which has sheltered American, Spanish, and British refugee families for many decades. It is considered a Southern antebellum home of great antiquity. The famous Juan Estevan de Pena, a Royal Treasurer of Spain, even resided within its walls. 

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